These are spaces of continuous practices where the most effective tools for working with our personality, body, energy and soul were gathered.

What is a retreat?

A retreat is a spiritual space for deep transformation that goes through all the levels on which a person exists — from the psyche to the soul.

During a retreat, a deep reset of all parts of you takes place. This helps to get rid of everything superfluous, extraneous, and to feel the true self — its essence.

You can open your mind, see the world more broadly, and gain clarity. Open up your body, its potential, let go of bodily blocks. Get to know your energy, develop energy capacity, tap into great energies that are not accessible in ordinary life. Feel your soul, your senses and values, your path.

A retreat is an opportunity to expand your consciousness, to go beyond your own ideas about yourself.

The space of the retreat is built in such a way that your immersion in the depths happens step by step, consciously and ecologically.

Each subsequent retreat practice builds on the previous one that leads you to wholeness. And in-depth lectures help to get insights and answers to questions.

What is an intensive training event?

An intensive training event is a psychological space for working with your personality.

At an intensive event, you can deeply and qualitatively transform your personality, expand your worldview and world perception, redesign your behaviour patterns, establish connections with the world, and build relationships with other people in a new way.

This is your personal deep transformation space. You will be able to get to know yourself better, get to know those parts of yourself that you are not aware of yet, feel your body better, process contained feelings, touch your existence.

An intensive event is high-quality therapy and new opportunities… It is a new contact with oneself and knowledgement of the world. This is a simultaneous step both inward and outward.

Such events can be general or themed, for a deeper study of some areas of life: male-female relationships, creativity, goals and senses, self-realisation, ancestry and family…

Intensive training events and retreats are your opportunity to break away from the routine and the usual rhythm, completely reset, feel renewed and let changes into your life.

Why should you go to a retreat or an intensive event?

  • Reboot your brain — the mental part
  • Open, release and feel your body anew
  •  Improve your emotional state
  • Expand the possibilities of your consciousness
  • Transform your subconscious
  • To know one’s senses and touch one’s soul
  • To feel yourself, to know yourself, those you did not know before
  • Change those areas of your life that you consider necessary

You will be able to activate all your parts, get new experiences that cannot be obtained in ordinary life.

You will be able to fill yourself up, go beyond your limits. You will feel that you are more than what you thought about yourself, more than your actions, problems, tasks, your usual rhythm of life. You will get a greater degree of freedom, you will become free.

You will be able to look differently at the world around you, at people, circumstances, events… you will experience life differently.

You will feel changes inside yourself, which cannot but be reflected on the outside – this is a reality that happens to everyone who comes to us for retreats or intensives. You will begin to influence the world around you.

If you are ready for a change, our space is a chance to activate it and start it in your life.

Upcoming events

Meditative Retreat

August 22-27, 2023
Ukraine, the Carpathians

Beyond the Boundaries Retreat

November 2023

Sacral Retreat "REGAIN YOURSELF"

April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually our morning starts with yoga or other body practices.

Afterwards there is breakfast and some free time.

We devote the whole day to practices, lectures, meditations, and walks in nature.

In the late afternoon, we have some free time and dinner.

The evening is full of pair, energy, breathing practices immersing in internal processes deeply.

Often we practise until late, there is no exact time for going to bed for each day.

But at the same time, every day is unique. The schedule of the day may vary.

The uniqueness of our space is that it is alive. The retreat master builds the day based on the state and processes of the entire group.

No matter how experienced you are, our retreats are suitable for both experienced practitioners and beginners.

The program is built in such a way that you go step by step deeper into yourself, gradually and ecologically plunging into the depths.

Moreover, at retreats we always have not only a headmaster, but also a team of professionals who have been working with people for years to provide all the necessary support and help during the whole process.

We work not only in the spiritual, but also in the psychotherapeutic mode. Therefore, we understand how the psyche works. We are ready for any of your complex conditions.

At the retreat, no one is left unattended, there is an individual approach to each participant.

We help everyone on this path of transformation, if necessary, we will lead everyone by the hand.

Contraindications for participation may be diseases in the acute stage, dependence on medications and procedures, visits to a psychiatrist – all these can be  limitations, alongside with pregnancy, as these are special conditions that require a special and careful attitude.

But everything is determined individually.

Therefore, we always ask you to be sure to inform the organisers about your physical and mental state so that we can give feedback whether this particular program suits you or it might be better to choose some other, less intensive one.

Definitely, there are!

We have general rules for participating in retreats.

You can check them out right here.

There are also additional rules for deeper and more powerful programs, as a rule, you can find them on the page of such retreats.

We always recommend our participants to read the rules before paying for the retreat.

One of the most important rules for participating in a retreat is to go through the entire program from beginning to end.

The retreat is a holistic program that is built in such a way that at the end you feel wholesome on all levels – from the mental to the soul level.

Thus, you should to be on the retreat from the very beginning to the very end, and take part in all practices, including sleep and eating))

Any questions arised?

Please, fill in your data, and we will contact you to clarify your wishes and help you choose a program personally for you.