Terms and Conditions of participation in retreats and intensive events

These rules will make your stay at the retreat as comfortable and efficient as possible.

  1. Any retreat or intensive event is a complete program that is important to complete from beginning to end. It is not possible to come for several days or visit only selected days of the event.


  1. All practices at a retreat or intensive have their own meaning. Each subsequent practice builds on the previous one, and each participant is an integral part of the space of the whole group. Therefore, it is important to participate in all practices without exception.


  1. A retreat or an intensive event is a space of deep transformation, in which many subconscious processes often arise. Therefore, if it is difficult for you, you have some difficult situations and resistance in practices or between practices, be sure to tell the coaches, presenters or organisers about it.


  1. The use of alcoholic and psychotropic substances that change the state of consciousness (including cigarettes) is not allowed at the retreat, so that all your internal processes can go through and end in the most ecological way possible.


  1. Please use your mobile phone only at times free from practices, so that you do not interrupt your internal processes and do not distract other group members. If you need to be in touch urgently, please, let the organisers know.


  1. In the retreat or intensive space, all information is confidential! It is forbidden to take photos or make videos of other participants during practices!


  1. If during the retreat you have any difficulties related to health, family circumstances or urgent work matters, inform the hosts or organisers about it. Everything is decided individually.


* All our rules and restrictions have a purpose – to focus your attention on what is important and to make sure that your internal processes are completed and you leave the retreat in a whole state. We care about your safety.

** We have a professional team of trainers and presenters who have undergone many years of training and personal practice. They are ready to support you in any difficult situation. And you will have enough resources and our support to cope with all the difficulties that may arise in the process of personal transformation 🙂